The band was formed during July 2002 when Chris and Stacy Reilly’s band MAGNETIC STORM parted ways with their bass player. Remo Capello who had previously played in the original version of the popular Connecticut band MAD RACKET with Chris back in 1981-82 had been down to see a MAGNETIC STORM show in his home town of Wallingford, CT during April of 2002 and the two had expressed an interest in getting together to jam sometime..

Shortly after MAGNETIC STORM disbanded after a nine-year run playing the Connecticut club scene and they set up a date to get together. It was evident right from the start of their first jam session that the three of them had a chemistry and their sound gelled immediately. They got together a few more times and decided that they had all the right ingredients to make them an awesome three piece rock band.

They came up with the name FRANTIC CITY from the Flintstones parody on “Altantic City”,and within a month they were out playing parties to see how a crowd responded and respond they did! They put together a mix of material consisting of some of the material that was being played by MAGNETIC STORM, some old favorites Remo & Chris had played with MAD RACKET and some newer material. Shortly after the band’s formation they were sharing the stage with the legendary Long Island band The Good Rats and the crowd loved them..

FRANTIC CITY has been together now for 21 years and the musicians who make up the band are seasoned musicians who have been quite successful through out the years..

In 2011 Frantic City won the Daddys Junky music Ct local band contest out of 800 bands.
Chris Reilly, the bands guitarist/vocalist has been wooing the crowds with his fiery finger work and showmanship for years playing many stages with bands like SWEET REVENGE, KOBRA, SIGINAL 9, BLACK DIAMOND, MAD RACKET, THE ROCKS OF LONG ISLAND, ELECTRIC EYE and MAGNETIC STORM. His smoking guitar solo’s have always dazzled audiences and add an intensity that is rarely seen in rock guitar playing these days..

His wife Stacey Reilly, the bands hard hitting rock solid drummer got her start playing in marching bands, played with an all girl rock band and eventually took over drumming spot in MAGNETIC STORM. There aren't many women in rock n’ roll to begin with let alone drummers. After witnessing her play live most people would agree that she hits em’ harder and with more conviction than most of the guys out there in rock these days. She also adds to the bands sound with her background vocals giving the band three-part harmonies when needed.

Fleshing out the bands rhythmic power and pulse is bassist/vocalist Remo Capello who like Chris has been playing for years. He has played in many successful bands and has played many of the top clubs and concert venues up and down the east coast. His thunder from down under has given the rhythmic thump to some of the top Connecticut bands over the years. Some of the groups he’s helped bring to the limelight include MAD RACKET who he had played in several incarnations with, THIN AIR, BLITZ, CATCH 22, SEQUIN RUIJ, THOSE GUYS, STONE MANOR and LAST LICKS.

Also Driving the low end groove for Frantic City is bassist / vocalist Steve Kranzlin. A veteran of Rock, Jazz and Progressive bands in the NYC area and beyond, Steve has headlined at The Chance Theater, Harry Chapin Theater, Capitol Theater, Town Crier, Universities, and premier Clubs and outdoor events throughout the Tristate area and Pennsylvania. He can also be seen playing bass, guitar, keys and vocals in Prognosis - the Tristate area's premier Pink Floyd and Peter Gabriel tribute band, and Well Alright, the ultimate Rolling Stones experience.

The band’s musicians have played many of their own successful shows as well as sharing the stage with national acts like Cheap Trick, Sly And The Family Stone, Joe Perry Project, Y&T, Talas, Nazareth, The Good Rats, Raven, Grim Reaper, Obsession and Black Oak Arkansas to name a few.
If you like guitar driven music that encompasses all of the best elements of classic rock, heavy metal, alternative and grunge as well as instrumentals look no further, FRANTIC CITY is out to give the audience something that’s been missing in music these days, music that’s fun, played with passion and yes people, guitar solo’s! Next time you want to be rocked check out FRANTIC CITY!!!